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Strategies That Works To Play Simcity Buildit Efficiently

simcity buildit

There are many popular city building game but Simcity Buildit which is developed by EA Sports is the most favored one among all. Here you are the Mayor of the city and you have full control of the city’s development as well as survival. You are the creator as well as the destroyer, planner and the executioner. That is to say everything is in your hands. Therefore, you will need to have a specific plan and strategy to follow to build a city that works and survives with full of happy and satisfied citizens.

You must not only concentrate on building residential flats, apartments and houses but also provide them with the basic amenities in Simcity Buildit to live a happy and peaceful day to day life.So, build utility buildings and industries to serve your people better. A properly built residential block must have police stations, fire stations, water and drainage utility in perfect locations to serve people even better. Follow the basics and place the utility buildings in the right place. Calculate how many citizens or blocks a particular utility would serve and plan accordingly.Happy citizens will generate more taxes and revenues to you with which you can develop your city and expand it as well.

Follow some basic building techniques. As you are not charged for paving the streets and moving the buildings, you can do it as much as possible to come up with a clean, green and well planned city. Therefore, organize and reorganize your city whenever you feel like.You can maintain your city well, beautify it to attract even more citizens and earn revenue in Simcity Buildit. You can move around stuff from one place to another to make your city look better and not worry about getting broke. Build single long road with less junctions to enable smoother travel, parks and play areas to keep you citizens happy.

Though you can use the simcity buildit guide to generate unlimited coins, keeping your citizens happy should be your prime concern. Happy citizens will not move out and there will be less number of abandoned buildings. The more population you have in your city it is better as that will generate a lot of revenue for you to move forward. Keep your factoriesand industries along with ugly looking buildings in a specific area, far away from the residents to give them pollution free environment. Your commercial and business area must be in between the residential and industrial area so that it acts as a buffer.

Keep your factory assembly line rolling at all times and keep on producing goods which are in demand, like fruits, vegetables and others. Store them in your store room and sell in the Trade Depot if there is any excess. It will help to manage your store and cash both. Make friends with other players, visit their trade posts once every day and get materials sold there fast and cheap.Do not worry if you do not have friends as each player is assigned with a neighboring city which is fully developed. Therefore, you have to explore more and more to play the Simcity Buildit effectively.